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January 28, 2010 January 28, 2010

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Samantha has another cold with epic amounts of … ya. You can guess. I’m not feeling hot and Aaron just said he’s not feeling good either. Ugh. I wish we could all be well at the same time for once.

I woke up starving, despite sipping my K2O water through the night. Guess I should make better choices for dinner that keep me satisfied. Too bad since I love those waffles.

Wheat Chex and 2% milk for breakfast. Working on my first 20oz. bottle of water for the day.

So far I’ve folded the first wave of laundry and it’s sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting to go up. I’m putting that off for a little while because once I get it up there I have to put it away and I hate doing that when we don’t have enough room for stuff. So frustrating.


Lunch: cauliflower with cheese, garlic and pepper followed by an apple with PB and 2 Lindor truffles (no thanks to Megan ; )

Dinner: I had grand plans of having curry for dinner but it took me so long to get home with it that Daddy was fixing eggs and hash-browns. So…I am having 2 fried eggs and hash-browns with 2 pieces of a mint chocolate candy bar.

Jennifer and I walked 2 miles on the Greenway this evening. Really enjoyed the company and conversation. Really makes the miles go by fast.

I’m now hanging out in the living room with EVERYONE in the house ready to watch Romancing the Stone. Love this movie!

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