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January 29, 2010 January 29, 2010

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Breakfast: Kellogg’s Strawberry Protein Shake on the way to take the kids to the gym for free play. Sam had a great time even though she is feeling pretty bad with a cough and slight fever. She walked on the balance beam and was carrying balls bigger than her around. So cute! Valerie met us with Xander and they tried to get Sam to do summersaults but she wasn’t sure what they were doing. Maybe next time.

I picked Jen up at work on our way to Taco Bell. Cheesy gordita crunch and cinnamon twists. I drank water! : ) Samantha was so worn out she didn’t even make it back to Ooltewah before she passed out.

Silence is a rare commodity in this house these days. Both girls are down for a nap at the SAME time! I think I might close my eyes for a few min as well.

Dinner at Aaron’s grandma’s. Staying on track at their house is so hard. She and Aaron’s mom make some wonderful casseroles but they’re so unhealthy (and SO hard to stay away from!)!



Dinner didn’t happen and Aaron’s grandma’s because of the snow. Instead we had curry here at home. Yum!


So, I bought Season 8 of Biggest Looser. Jillian (I can’t stand her but she has some good info) said that they eat 1,200 calories every day … and burn 6,000 calories. How do you do that as a normal person? They spend all day working out. It’s easy to see how they can do that. How can a normal person, with a real life, burn lots of calories like that? I’m going to have to do some searching.


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