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January 30, 2010 January 30, 2010

Filed under: exercise,kids,meals — Lauren Warner @ 11:36 pm

After dealing with two sick kids all night we decided to sleep in a bit this morning. By the time we got up I decided not to eat breakfast because I thought we were going to my on-laws for lunch. Lunch came and went so I decided to eat an English muffin with honey. We did come over here for dinner where we had rice casserole, coleslaw, banana bread and brownies. Its not the best plan but since I didn’t eat much the first part of the day I was able to eat whatever I wanted for dinner. An extra serving of brownies!

We lost power while we were at the in-laws and it was kind of cozy sitting around, talking, with the fire lit and oil lamps on tables. Thankfully we have power here at home.

When we got home I found that my sister, Heather, had a friend over who cooked honest-to-goodness Chinese food. I had a few bites of some kind of potato stuff and some tofu stuff. Not a lot but more than I should have.

I feel bad, I haven’t been able to get outside for any real exercise in two days. I wish I had some tall winter boots so I could do so without ending up completely soaked. If I can’t get somewhere for some exercise tomorrow I’m considering walking laps in the mall or up and down the stairs here at home.

Different note, we need to figure out what to do about Samantha. Time-outs don’t seem to be getting the point across. I know she understands why she’s in time-out but the fact that she’s in time-out doesn’t seem to bother her anymore. Suggestions?


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