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January 31, 2010 January 31, 2010

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My wonderful husband let Madison & Mommy sleep in this morning. Once we got up I had two english muffins with lemon curd. For those of you who may never have experienced lemon curd before, please try it. It’s divine! It’s like a pie filling in a jar to put on bread. SO yummy and lemony! I also had a Weight Watchers yogurt and a big glass of water. 

Madison and I then went to Sally Beauty Supply while Sam took a nap with her Grandma and picked up some cleansing conditioner to hopefully help fix my itchy scalp and unmanageable hair. We came home and I had half a cup of fresh blueberries (yum!) and a cup of chocolate coffee from World Market mixed with a packet of hot cocoa. So yummy!

Heather, Jason & Chealsea are fixing dinner tonight so I’m glad I have lots of points left. It’s beautiful out today and I already have my tennis shoes on so I’m going to go for a nice long walk – kid-free – since there are plenty of people to keep the kids alive here at home. : )

I really enjoyed my 1.5 mile walk. It might have been 40 degrees outside and the snow/ice was still hanging onto the shade but it was beautiful and peaceful. I walked around the neighborhood (I used the term loosely), up and down several hills, with a 17 minute pace. 

When I got back Heather had dinner ready. Yummy cheese ravioli with cauliflower and green olives with green beans and dijon sauce. Pears and vanilla pudding for dessert. I followed that up with a shower and tried out the Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner and so far I really like it. 

My first weigh-in is tonight. I’m kinda nervous but hoping for a loss. We shall see!

Start: 230
January 31: 227.5


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