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February 4, 2010 February 4, 2010

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To do:
• finish/catch up on blog (check)
• finish ads (check • all but 2)
• make reservations at hotel (check)
• put laundry away
• start laundry
• wash/make bed
• pack for Florida
• empty car
• pack car
• call Tenn Care about Madison
Who wants to help? LOL! Why can’t mothers be cloned?

Yesterday was miserable for the most part. I found out that Madison isn’t covered under TennCare like she’s supposed to be so her pediatrician won’t see her anymore until I either a) cough up over $600 or b) get her coverage figured out and the bill paid that way. I took both kids, by myself, downtown to Department of Human Services and sat for three hours, during Samantha’s nap time no less, before finding out from a second lady behind the glass that, according to her computer, all four of us are covered. Not 3.5 hours earlier, when I finally spoke with someone on the phone about the same issue, that lady said that our case had been closed and none of us had coverage. Um…?

So, lady behind the glass told me to call Blue Cross and take the bill up with them. I called them on my way home – with an extremely sleep toddler – and that lady told me she didn’t have any record of a second child for me. Um…she’s sitting in the backseat! Believe me,  she’s here! 

So…end result: I get to go back downtown next Thursday and wait until my elusive case worker can see me and explain what happened to the stack of forms I left for him three weeks ago, and have a receipt for. 


Food wise, it wasn’t a horrible day but it wasn’t the best. I had a bowl of granola for breakfast with an apple. I didn’t get to eat again until about 5. I had two slices of veggie pizza. I really shouldn’t have had that because I knew we were going to Grandma’s for dinner. Grandma had meatloaf and au gratin potatoes and apple pie with ice cream. I’m still within my points for the week but… I need to watch it.

Today I had a bowl of granola for breakfast, I got a small Mountain Dew when Aaron stopped at Taco Bell and when I got home I had a Weight Watchers meal and dessert. The Mocha Sundaes are really good! 

No exercise to speak of yesterday. : ( I need to get in the habit of at least doing my core exercises on days when I can’t get outside to walk.

Aaron surprised me with a new iPod Touch yesterday. It’s ours but I’m really excited about the new one (I have the 1st Generation Touch) because it syncs with my Nike+ shoes and will track my distance/time/speed without any extra attachments. Yea! I’m so sick of keeping track of the little thingy for the Nano.

Ok, now to jump on my to-do list. I so don’t have enough time but we’ll see.


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