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Progress February 11, 2010

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Heather and I spent the night with my mom while Daddy got a full nights sleep last night. I think I’ve had about 5 hours of sleep in the last 48. I’ve nearly reached that point where you’re like “What’s another 6 days?” 

Heather and I came back to the hotel, warmed up in the hot tub for a few minutes and now Heather is talking in her sleep. I’m wired. It’s beautiful outside but it’s freezing. I don’t want to miss the day but Heather and I are on night duty since Daddy deals better with the doctors.

Mommy is doing much better. She was asking questions and conversing with us this morning. She even joked around a little bit. She doesn’t remember anything about Saturday, when Daddy brought her in. She had no idea she was so sick.

They are going to move her from ICU to ICCU. It’s a step-down unit, one floor up, and it’s one step closer to getting to go home. Her stomach isn’t hurting nearly as much and her cough is much more productive. The nursing staff at Flagler Hospital here in Saint Augustine have been phenomenal. There have been a few we could barely understand but for the most part they have been absolutely amazing, very sweet and very willing to take the time to explain things and talk to Mommy.

I miss Aaron and Samantha and Madison. I told Heather yesterday, I even miss Madison’s squawking. I could think of worse places to be stuck (Oklahoma anyone?) but I really wish Aaron and the girls could be with me and that I had more than one extra change of clothes.

Our dietary choices are pretty limited to what we can eat on the run. With no kitchen to speak of we are pretty much eating out of vending machines and restaurants. The more free time I have and the more I read about diet the less I want to eat, given our situation. 

When we came down for the weekend I realized that I’d forgotten my Zoloft. No big deal. It was just one full day without it. And then we ended up getting stuck down here. “Coming off” of the Zoloft has been rough. I’ve been mildly nauseated and alternating between being starving, randomly, and never wanting to see food again. I feel jittery at the same time I’m tired. I know it’s the “detox” but it still sucks.

I started walking the halls every so often last night and doing wall push-ups and squats and calf raises when I got the chance. It felt good to get moving after sitting in that “chair” for so long. I guess I should be grateful for the “recliner”. It’s a good sight better than the wanna-be-chair the Airforce hospital gave me when I spent the night with Aaron after his collar bone surgery. They still aren’t comfortable.

I’ve been trying to get on Facebook to keep people updated but the hospital’s internet randomly blocks websites so I can only get on occasionally. They also block my blogging site so I can’t do that either. Terribly handy. Very aggravating. 

I’m going to try to get some sleep now. I took some NyQuil to make me stop coughing and maybe it’ll help me sleep more than a few minutes at a time.


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