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Don’t Go Shopping When Upset March 15, 2010

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So, the moral of the story is this. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re emotionally upset.

My intention was to go get milk and veggies. I came back with chocolate milk, Double Stuff Oreos, swiss cake rolls and Starbucks ice cream. I also got some normal food but all in all it was a horribly junk-food loaded shopping experience. I’m tired of people in the house complaining about not having food in the house, despite the loaded cabinets. What they mean is that there’s nothing that can be nuked in 2 minutes.


One Response to “Don’t Go Shopping When Upset”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As hard as it is, you gotta just do as I do.. I have my own snack cabinet of healthy foods & snacks and they have theirs..It takes willpower on your part to avoid the yummy things they have but it isnt worth "fighting" with them over keeping all junk foods out of the house. :)I used to get mad @ DH when we went shopping b/c I was trying to eat right & loose weight & he was filling the cart w/his "desserts".Finally I got over it & realized it wasnt fair to force him to change just b/c I wanted to. Plus, the willpower exercise is a good one as everywhere you go, there is going to be something that tempts you to eat it. Good Luck. I need to jump back on the get healthy wagon ASAP! Maybe today is the day fr me 🙂

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