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Mother’s Day Camping Weekend May 10, 2010

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My wonderful husband convinced me to go camping this weekend. I’m so glad he did! We had a wonderful time introducing Samantha to the joys of camping. We tossed our camp chairs in the van, along with our hammocks, some corn for dinner and some blankets.

After driving up the Ocoee to the back into the Big Frog Wilderness (if anyone enjoys camping this is one of the best spots around) we tied up our hammocks, set up our chairs and I made the the corn while Aaron built a fire and Samantha explored the campsite with Trouble, our dog.

Soon after eating the corn we¬† we heated up some Chef Boyardee ravioli and then realized we didn’t have a fork or spoon to eat with or feed Samantha with.

Pictured below is what we used to eat Friday night.

Yes, that’s a stick. It served it’s purpose.

Saturday morning my G.I.Joe husband made these.

And they worked even better! I totally kept them.

This is our campsite. Absolute bliss.