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Food Inc. May 19, 2010

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I have just begun to watch this documentary and I’m already disgusted. I knew that food had been industrialized but wow! I’m so thankful for the large local movement in our area!

What are your thoughts? If you have seen the movie how has it affected your life?


Cloth diaper giveaway through tonight! May 15, 2010

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These envibum diapers are so beautiful! I actually just ordered both an envipink cloth diaper

and an pink moms4moms cover.

Want one? Enter here at Mom To Bed By 8.


Cloth Diaper Mamas! May 11, 2010

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Free Bum Genius diapers! The blog “The Cloth Diaper Whisperer” is having a Bum Genius giveaway. Check it out! I LOVE these diapers!


It’s hard… (a post from the past) May 9, 2010

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It’s hard seeing your parent suffer. Not being able to help, to alleviate the pain, to fix what’s wrong. I know the traditional role is that the parent should be doing that for the child but when a parent is the one suffering, it’s hard to have to sit by and be helpless.That’s how I feel right now. My mother is very sick. She can barely process oxygen and she’s in intense pain because of GI issues. It’s heartbreaking to hear her say “I don’t want to do this anymore”. It makes me cry when I hear how much she is suffering.

Once in a while her smile or orneriness will break through and I’ll see the Mommy I know but for the most part she is just in a lot of pain and there’s not much any of us can do besides hold her hand and wait for the doctors.

It’s so hard when you can’t understand the medical staff because of their thick accents. I have every fait that these men and women know what they’re doing but when you can’t understand what they are explaining to you, you can’t help but feel completely lost. It just adds to my feelings of helplessness. If my dad weren’t here I’m not sure what I’d do. I truly cannot understand most of what they are saying.

I try not to think about what’s going on. I know I’m an emotional eater and tonight I gave in to some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I didn’t eat all of it but I did have some. I was thinking with every bite that the reason I was eating it was for comfort, but I really didn’t care.

The hotel we have found ourselves living in has a room with a bicycle and three treadmills, but it’s always locked. There is also a minuscule pool and a hot tub that will scald your skin off your body. I try to get a walk on the beach every day but today it was raining so there was no walk. I did get in the pool and do some leg exercises and some crunches in the hotel room. Does that count?

The days are going by in a blur and I can hardly keep up with what day it is or whether it’s day or night. Every room, the ICU room and the hotel room, has light blocking curtains so no light gets in to tell us if it’s 10am or 10pm. The only thing that keeps me somewhat aware of the time are the phone calls from Aaron and the girls.

I miss my husband and my beautiful girls. It’s so hard to go through something like this and not have the man I love beside me to hang onto. I love him for going to school to better our family and I completely understand the need to go to class and I support it 100% but I can’t help but wish it were spring break or summer vacation. I miss Samantha’s jabbering and stubbornness and I miss Madison’s sweet smiles in the mornings. I miss Aaron being contrary just for the sake of being contrary, although he tries to keep that up over the phone.

I love my friends and family for praying for us and encouraging us.


Running April 16, 2010

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Aaron tells me about two hours ago that he would like me to come watch his 5k race at Southern Adventist University. Like a good wife I showed up and came out to the starting tent.

A friend of ours helped organize the race and told me I was sitting in a perfectly safe place.

I watched the runners line up. Directly in front of me. I still hoped they wouldn’t be aboutto trample me.

Then they began.

An I shot a few pics, still hoping not to get run over. Then I ducked as a guy jumped over me. And I kept my head down.

Thanks Darin.

Pic to come later.


Books…anyone want? April 12, 2010

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I have a couple of design/computer books up for grabs.

Adobe Illustrator CS2, Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, InDesign CS2, Photoshop Tips & Tricks, Illustration, Graphic Design Solutions, Idea Index….

If you would like any/all just let me know. Free. If I need to ship them all I ask is for the cost of shipping via PayPal.


Depending on what else I find, you may get a couple of extras if you want any of them. 😉


I think I can get it….

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Madison is slowly getting more control over her appendages. She gets such a concentrated look on her face, though, that it makes me laugh.

“I know that goes in my mouth….”